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Fire Theory


Combustion is an exothermic process between a fuel source and a form of oxygen that produces heat and light. Sources of fuel can be in the form of a gas, liquid, cellulose (wood), metal, or plastic. Oxygen can be in the form of gaseous oxygen or combined in the form of hypochlorites, chlorates, perchlorates, nitrates, chromates, oxides, peroxides, or other oxidizer.

The combustion process can be in either a flaming type or a flameless (glow) surface type. The flaming type of combustion is represented by a tetrahedron. Each side represents one of the four requirements of the tetrahedron, temperature, a form of oxygen, fuel, and an uninhibited chain reaction (very short lived).










Our Services



Fire Scene Investigations:
Timely and efficient investigations related to fire origin and cause determinations.

  • Structure Fires (residential and commercial)

  • Vehicle Fires

Timely reporting of determinations and conclusions.  All reports are technically reviewed.


Proper Evidence Collection/Retention:
S. M. Brozgold Fire Investigations, LLC has a secure alarm protected storage facility for the proper storage of evidence.


Courtroom Testimony:
S. M. Brozgold has been qualified as an expert in depositions and courtroom settings to include Municipal, County, State and Federal levels.


S.M. Brozgold Fire Investigations L.L.C. is insured for errors and omissions.